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StealthTest for Partners

Build your Web3 company with privacy, security, and compliance without breaking the bank using our industry-leading private testing solution for dApps and smart contracts.

StealthTest for Partners: our enterprise-focused tier to help businesses grow on the blockchain.

Why StealthTest?

Experiment with confidence

Keep your proprietary data safe with Web3's industry-leading private testnet.
hardware Build
  • Cloud-based, seamless, and private.
  • For all Web3 use cases (dApps, DeFi, NFTs, etc).
  • Identify critical smart contract exploits, deployment issues, and token metadata errors.
  • Industry-leading runtime.
science Test
  • Controlled and secure access to your smart contracts and token assets.
  • Test dApps and smart contracts with stakeholders around the globe.
  • Track and dissect every transaction with our block explorer.
  • Speed-up testing with pre-funded wallets and an unlimited faucet.
rocket Launch
  • Accelerate your time to launch - no wasted time or resources.
  • Increased customer confidence due to elimination of exploits and external visibility.
  • Iterate and improve dApps and smart contracts.
  • Ongoing customer support.

Enterprise privacy solutions that won’t break the bank

With partner discounts in the first year and priority support, breathe easy knowing your smart contracts and token assets are in good hands.

StealthTest — the leading private testing solution in Web3 today.

We scale as you scale

Enterprise capability

Collaborating with a global network of trusted partners and Web3 first-movers to help companies build securely, test privately, and launch confidently.

Instant Environment(s)

Every account starts with 10 to test for various edge cases, conduct closed beta testing, and enable teams to conduct QA.

Transaction Log

Track all on-chain activity with our built-in logs, simplifying QA and making transaction audits easier than ever.

Pre-Funded Wallets

With pre-funded wallets and unlimited test tokens, you’re in complete control of your testing momentum.

Unlimited Faucet

Never worry about running out of test tokens (ETH, MATIC, GLMR), our faucet is unlimited and instant. You’re welcome!

Powerful Network

All the processing power and network resources you need to support projects that scale.

Network Autoscaling

Big project? No problem. We automatically allocate additional resources to support power users.

Your Data. Forever.

Keep environments active as long as you need them. But not to worry - your data/IP is permanently wiped on deletion.

Global Collaboration

Expedite testing and time to launch by collaborating with teammates from anywhere, anytime.

API Access

Seamlessly integrate our robust API into your development and testing flow. We work and scale with you.


Frequently asked questions

Why should I use StealthTest?StealthTest is a private testing environment for dApps and smart contracts, ensuring privacy, security, and compliance. Launch your Web3 project by eliminating the risks associated with public testnets and providing a secure environment to collaborate throughout the QA process.
What networks does StealthTest support?Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains such as Polygon, with plans to add more blockchains in the future. If you would like to propose your protocol for review, please email us at biz@nameless.io.
Can I integrate StealthTest into our project?Apply for API access by contacting biz@nameless.io.
When can I expect a response after applying?A representative will reach out within 48 hours.
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Don't miss your chance to enjoy exclusive partner benefits such as priority support and discounts through your first year.

StealthTest - Web3's premier private testing solution.
  • check_circleCloud-based, seamless, and private
  • check_circleEthereum, Polygon, and EVM compatible
  • check_circleEliminates leaks and contract exploits
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